Robot Hire and Rental For Family Events, Parties, Festivals, Museums, Education, Science and Technology Days

Bring your event into the future with a robot entertainer - combining high tech costume designs, interactive show and walkabout entertainment. Guaranteed to impress audiences of all ages, robots not only bring a futuristic atmosphere to your event but they are highly interactive and sure to create a buzz around your event.

Watch ITSY Robot in action...

Interactive Robot Entertainment

The ITSY Robot show is the perfect entertainment option for any family friendly event or party. We provide walkabout and roaming entertainment with lots of audience interaction and even a fully interactive 30-min  performance with dancing, singing and jokes.

Delivered straight to your door, ITSY Robot will guarantee to leave your guests speechless. You can even book ITSY for Children’s Birthday parties - we can even involve the Birthday girl/boy in the robot's performance.

Our Robot Hire is suitable for the following:

Shopping Centres, Malls & store openings

Indoor and outdoor festivals & exhibitions

Science fairs, museum events & theme parks

Schools, colleges & university events

Birthday parties & Weddings

Hi-Tech Design

Futuristic design.
Colour changing lighting.
Interactive voice control.
On-board sound system.

Audience Participation

Interactive conversation.
Dance routines.
Live shows.
Street performances.

Better Branding

Promote your logo or brand.
Visual LOGO display.
Selfie and photo shoots.
Social media awareness.

Increase Footfall

Provokes curiosity.
Increased awareness.
Meet and greets.
Interactive walkabout.

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