Are you looking for an innovative way to promote your brand or event? ITSY Robot could be the futuristic entertainment you need. Our robot is a magnet for publicity and the perfect way to receive press coverage for your business or product.

Walkabout Robot Hire For Exhibitions & Conferences

Watch ITSY ROBOT at a CISCO Corporate Trade Show Event

Hire robots for events that engage
with your customers

Are you looking to promote your new product or your services, or just stand out from the rest of your competitors at your next event, exhibition or trade show?
Rent or hire a robot that will be specially personalised for your business or product. All you need to do is tell us what you want the robot to do and we will do the rest. With a blend of entertainment, information and demonstration, a robot is your best sales tool at any trade show or event.

Hire a Robot to promote your brand or event

ITSY ROBOT is a magnet for publicity and social media sharing - and the perfect way to receive exposure for your business. Your audience will love sharing selfies and photos online - helping you promote your brand.

Available worldwide to appear at any form of corporate event, brand activation or product launch, our robot will be customised to display all of your brand iconography and graphics.

Robot Hire for Corporate Events

ITSY ROBOT is an interactive exhibition, conference and trade show robot that will engage and hold live conversations with your target audience.

Robot Hire will help increase the return on your investment from your next exhibition stand, resulting in increased footfall, sales, leads and even media coverage. Renting a robot for your your event will ensure that people remember and talk about your event for years after.

Looking for such a robot to hire?
You have found the perfect, flexible option.


Robot Hire For Exhibition Stands

Our robot can be rented to work on your exhibition stand and will help to drive footfall, leads, sales and awareness of your products and services to both the trade and public. Clients often see 5x more enquiries as a direct result of a robot presence - more enquiries mean more potential sales.

A robot at your exhibition will inform, entertain, educate and demonstrate to an audience in a futuristic and interesting way.

Our robot hire also includes a 'walkabout' around the exhibition which helps bring people to your stand or product demonstration.

Our robot is also perfect for your branding - utilising graphics and an in-built touchscreen.


A totally interactive robot entertainer

Don't settle for a pre-programmed robot show. They've seen it all before!
Hire ITSY ROBOT for your event and get the audience involved too.

Why Choose a Robot for your Corporate Event?

Robot Hire For Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Why hire a robot for your event or trade show? An interactive robot will drive traffic to your trade stand. Increased visitors mean more chance of sales.
If you hire a robot for your exhibition it will attract people to your stand, be able to capture data as well as collect feedback on your products and services. A hired robot can even chat with your visitors as well as give out information about your products and services, email electronic brochures, sing, dance and tell jokes! A trade stand robot will also display your brand or company logo, as well as pose for selfies. This all helps to build your brand on social media.


Robot Hire For Corporate Conferences

A robot can introduce keynote speakers, take an active part in a Q & A sessions or even be the keynote speaker. You can use a robot for hire to actually deliver an entire keynote speech with powerpoint. The robot will autonomously change the slides and actually deliver an entire keynote speech from beginning to end.


Robot Hire for New Product Launches

Book ITSY ROBOT for your product launch. Our interactive ROBOT will meet and greet clients, describe your product and provide a futuristic theme. It will captivate and amaze your guests leaving them talking about your product for weeks to come. It will also pose for selfies and help social media branding.


Hire A Futuristic Robot ICE-BREAKER!

Robots can be a fantastic ice breaker and focal point at any large social function. The robot we provide can carry out a number of duties, from waiting on guests with drinks and canapes to capturing the event through photography. Our robot entertainer can navigate a crowded room, mingle with guests and human staff to bring a little added extra to your event.


Robot Hire for Product Launch or Demonstration

Walkabout Robot Hire /Rental

For an amazing futuristic twist on your event you can hire an interactive walkabout robot to amaze your guests. Our walkabout robot will engage and be an eye-caching addition to a variety of corporate events, whether it is an exhibition, presentation, trade show or product launch. 

ITSY Robot will add a technological edge to your occasion giving your guests an extra special experience they will remember.


Hi-Tech Design

Futuristic design.
Colour changing lighting.
Interactive voice control.
On-board sound system.

Audience Participation

Interactive conversation.
Dance routines.
Live shows.
Street performances.

Better Branding

Promote your brand.
Visual LOGO display.
Selfie and photo shoots.
Social media awareness.

Increase Footfall

Provokes curiosity.
Increased awareness.
Meet and greets.
Interactive walkabout.

Want to hire a Robot for your event?


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